History of school

School Motto “Let noble thoughts come to us from all sides” – derived from “Aa No Bhadra Kratvu Yantu Vishwatah”.

Our school motto “Hanso Nayatu Naha Pragyam” is depicted in the image of a child astride a soaring swan moving constantly to new heights of learning and excellence. By achieving new heights and pinnacles, a stronger nation can be devised. Each Balbharatian is guided by the pure and wise swan that helps them embark a new journey each day, to new horizons. The mission is to let the children soar high beyond their capabilities with the guided halo of the teachers enveloping them.

The origination of Bal Bharati Public School MB Anuppur, Jaithari should be considered as a resultant of the joint efforts of Child Education Society & Moser Baer Power (presently known as Hindustan Power). The philosophy of the society is embodied  in a Sanskrit quotation, ‘Hanso Nayatu Na Pragyamah’, the English translation of  which may be, to acquire wisdom and ability to comprehend. Its symbol shows a child mounted on a flying swan urging all of  us to surge ahead like a swan, towards the path of progress. The schools set up by the society constantly endeavour to  develop the quality of inquisitiveness amongst its students, to help them form their own perspective, to see beyond the  obvious and to make them humane and receptive to others’ ideas. To this end, the schools have devised their curriculum  around the following objectives:

  • Working towards the holistic development of the personality.
  • Preparing humanitarian citizens committed to social change.
  • Inculcation of all necessary skills to cope up with the challenging times.
  • eveloping understanding of the world policies and cultures through various exchange programmes that  will help prepare global inhabitants.

 Instilled with zest and spirit to achieve and excel, the Bal Bharati Schools have come far ahead of their times by imparting  world class education. The increasing number of its branches within and outside Delhi, stands witness to its popularity and  excellence.