Student Council

Student Council helps share students’ ideas, interests, and concern with teachers and school principal. It comprises a group of student leaders who work with an adult supervisor to collaborate with others to impact their school community and their surroundings.

To maintain the discipline of the school and coordinate other activities prefectural board is formed every year with Head Boy and Head Girl at its head. This also includes sports captains and cultural captains. The student council of our school has eleven members. The students were selected from class VI, to X.

Student Prefects Council

1 Anant Mishra XII Head Boy
2 Nitya Sharma XII Head Girl
3 Arpit Singh Rathour XII Sports Captain
4 Akshat Gupta IX Discipline Prefect
5 Adity Pathak X CCA Prefect
6 Sanskar Gupta XII Captain (Shivaji House)
7 Utsav Agrawal X Vice-Captain (Shivaji House)
8 Kush Kesharwani XII Captain (Tagore House)
9 Tanishka Agrawal IX Vice-Captain (Tagore House)
10 Bhanu Pratap XII Captain (Ashoka House)
11 Govind Singh Rathour X Vice-Captain (Ashoka House)
12 Anjali Shukla XII Captain (Raman House)
13 Gaurav Verma XII Vice-Captain (Raman House)